What, who and why we are? 

Thank you for asking!

The quick answer would be two friends from university that wanted to challenge themselves and with a desire to combine flawless fashion fashion and form with an active lifestyle.

Having no previous experience from the fashion industry, starting a fashion brand can seem to be quite an illogical thing to do. The entrepreneurial spirit, however, has always been there. The past years, ideas within event management, financial technology and traveling agencies have passed by. So, why did we end up packing your order of a new pair of swimwear?

As a matter of fact, everything within the company is handled by us, from design to actually packing your delivery (but of course we’re quite good at involving friends and family in our work, those who actually know how to do things).

Having an interest in outdoor activities and sports, we shortly discovered that in the world of swimtrunks, sporty design is often synonymous with professional swimming. However, trunks associated with professional swimming are rarely known to be particularly stylish (at least not in our world).

So, when buying a pair of trunks from VOJP, you can rest assured that you will get a pair of trunks with outstanding performance combined with neat details such as an adjustable waist-fit, double-needle stitching and a characteristic look. We’ve simply fallen in love with the thought and desire of being able to provide swimwear with one fundamental principle:

Wearing a piece from VOJP, you should always feel sure to combine flawless fashion and form with an active lifestyle.